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A Full Lineup of Premier Jewelry Pieces

Marinelli offers a full lineup of precious stones and gems to provide the best match for any style and occasion. Our extensive collection features top choices with premier designs made by exclusive brands and jewelry makers. At our Long Island jewelry store, you’ll never run out of options. We offer classic diamonds, elegant necklaces and pendants, charms and earrings, exquisite watches, and the finest engagement rings and wedding bands.

Unmatched Craftsmanship and Quality

Quality and craftsmanship are what sets us apart from other shops. Marinelli has a great eye for detail and gives life to beauty and style when it comes to our designs. We make sure customers will only get top quality pieces for every purchase to provide a timeless accessory that will suit the occasion and their personal tastes. Our friendly and professional staff would be more than glad to help choose and provide complete specifications of your jewelry in our Long Island shop.

Professional Jewelry Services

Whether you need to get the appropriate diamond setting or custom design necklaces or rings as a birthday or anniversary gift, Marinelli has your needs covered. We have expert jewelers specializing in different services, including repairing, designing, piercing, and stringing jewelry pieces. We strive to provide customers the best shopping experience in the Hamptons and Long Island.

Information and Guide for Customers

Buying jewelry pieces require a great deal of thought, which is why Marinelli makes sure to guide customers with their purchases. We provide information to help customers understand the different characteristics of a diamond, appraisal processes, and many more. Whether you need a refresher or a starting point for your purchase, Marinelli will provide the resources to help you make the right decision.