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Five Tips for Finding the Best Gold Buyers in Long Island

Whether you obtained it through an estate sale, divorce or otherwise, gold buyers in Long Island are available to give you the cash you need when you need it. The only problem is that the seller may not receive the same value for their pieces from one jeweler to the next. At Marinelli Jewelers, we ensure that we offer you the best price for your gold, but welcome you to research alternative buyers. Here is our list of five tips to finding the best buyers on the East Coast.

1. Know What Affects Your Quote

You shouldn’t settle for just a number. When you receive a quote from a reputable gold buyer like Marinelli Jewelers, you will receive an outline of exactly what factors affected the quote such as:

  • The karat worth of the gold
  • The quality of the gold
  • How it has been handled/produced

All of these factors and more play a large role in how much your gold is actually worth.

2. Skip the Pawn Shop and Choose a Jewelry Store

Though a bit biased in this respect, the fact of the matter is that if you want the best valuation of your gold that you should visit a reputable and accredited jewelry like Marinelli Jewelers. Here’s why:

  • Pawn shops are in the business of attaining high quality and valuable goods for as little as possible. Jewelers are in the business of attaining high quality goods at a fair price
  • Pawn shops are less likely to recognize high quality pieces, lacking the expertise and training to give you a fair valuable
  • Pawn shops are, by nature, manipulative and take advantage of individuals who aren’t familiar with the worth of their gold

3. Keep Gold Purchasing Companies at Far Reach

Gold buyers, when a jewelry store, will give you a fair assessment of your gold. Independent companies that are focused solely on purchasing gold, however, are likely trying to capitalize on your lack of knowledge and will give you pennies on every dollar for your gold’s worth.

4. Get More Than One Quote

At Marinelli Jewelers, we always advise those who are trying to sell their gold to receive at least three to five quotes for their gold before agreeing on a sale price. This will help you ensure that you receive the best price possible and make the most off of your precious metal.

5. Remove Emotions from the Quote

Sometimes the hardest part for those looking for gold buyers is the emotional aspect of selling a piece. A wedding or engagement ring, for example, may hold tremendous emotional value. Unfortunately, to a jeweler who is only looking at the specifications of a piece, this won’t play a role. We realize that many of these pieces are loaded with sentimentality and respectfully give individuals selling gold pieces the time to realize whether the dollar amount is worth the sentimental loss.